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About me

I am an independent consultant and researcher with over 20 years of experience advising organisations in the nonprofit and public sectors, and small business. My clients have included national charities, arts and culture organisations, financial services, economic development agencies, cross-border institutions, as well as small businesses in a variety of sectors.

In my commercial practice I engage with clients on research-led or planning engagements, where my structured and analytical approach, together with my quantitative (predictive analytics, dimension reduction, mixed models etc) and qualitative (face to face, group facilitation etc) research expertise, can best be put to use.

Earlier in my career I was a senior manager in the nonprofit and NGO sector both in Ireland and the USA, principally in the areas of the arts, homelessness and human rights. I continue my interest in social policy and human rights through my work as an academic researcher in Trinity College, Dublin, where my main research interests are in the field of disabled childhoods, integrated education, and the research potential of large-scale population studies with their associated methodologies. I am currently studying part-time for a PhD in Trinity's School of Social Work and Social Policy.

I also hold an MBA from UCD, and a Master's in Applied Social Research from TCD. 

I am a member of the Social Research Association, the Charities Institute of Ireland and the Society for Longitudinal and Lifecourse Studies.

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